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If Premier League clubs were houses of Westeros

Клубы АПЛ в Игре Престолов

The Premier League clubs are in the cruel and dangerous world of Game of Thrones. Which club will fall and which one will come out victorious?

Manchester City – House Lannister
Manchester City compared to House Lannister
Rich and powerful, this house from Manchester started dominating recently. The club uses its big treasury to get the best warriors for the team. Smart and calculating people lead the house. They don’t concern themselves with the opinions of others. The Lannisters from Manchester have gold, and gold solves all problems.

Arsenal – House Stark
Arsenal FC compared to House Stark
One of the oldest houses around, House Arsenal are a big threat. The northern Gunners assemble their troops mostly from their own land, they teach their soldiers the art of football from early age. There was a time when House Arsenal was invincible. The London northmen’s leaders are cold blooded, calm and patient with their results. Despite being a dangerous force, House Arsenal often struggles to finish the business.

Chelsea – House Martell
Chelsea as House Martell
Martells from London never surrender and fight until the end. House Chelsea does not care who stands against them, they are always ready to give a proper fight. Their fortress is Stamford Bridge, which was impregnable for a long time. Even the Targaryens were not able to conquer the “Blue Martells” when they were at their best. Although the leaders of “London Martells” are strong and talented, they are unable to stay in charge for a long period of time.

Liverpool – House Greyjoy
Liverpool FC as House Greyjoy
When enemies hear the singing of the “Merseyside warriors” they know – that’s the sound of trouble. Merseyside Greyjoys are a very old house, which infused fear in the hearts of their foes. No matter how strong or dangerous the enemy is, House Liverpool fights until death, because what is dead may never die! The “Merseyside warriors” are out of luck recently, but the new passionate leader puts huge effort in their success…

Manchester United – House Targaryen
Manchester United compared to House Targaryen
Glory follows the “Manchester warriors” wherever they go. There was a time when they were unstoppable under the management of a talented leader who had a strong accent. They conquered everything under his leadership. But the last few years were not the best for House Manchester, as they lost their leading position. Despite that, under the management of a new “special” leader, “Manchester Targaryens” prepare to conquer once again.