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Herrera: Mourinho always knows what players need

Herrera: Mourinho always knows what players need

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera shared his opinion about the cooperation with Jose Mourinho.

“Mourinho is a honest man. He always says what he thinks. He may say something you like and may say things that won’t be pleasant for you.

Our team enjoy every day with him. We have dynamic training sessions, we work with ball, which helps us not to lose the concentration. We never have too long training sessions.

Mourinho always knows what his players need, and just 20 minutes of talk is enough for him to understand what you need. I have made a step forward and it helped me to get a call from Spain national team. I am here because Mourinho has found a new role for me.

I have started to play deeper, just in front of defensive line. I think that I have the ability to quickly return the ball,” Herrera said.