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Guillem Balague: Barcelona gives up Coutinho pursuit

Guillem Balague: Barcelona gives up Coutinho pursuit

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague has spoken to Sky Sports News and has given an update about Philippe Coutinho’s possible move to Barcelona.

“I think Liverpool have got no intention of answering that email from Barcelona, which in theory means that’s the end of that, the end of the story of Coutinho moving to Barcelona. You never know in football of course, but Barcelona are true to their word and they will withdraw the offer at 7pm tonight.

“Liverpool have no intention of selling so Barcelona will have to look somewhere else for the reinforcements to bridge the gap of Real Madrid, who look so strong this season.

“They have known for a while that Liverpool do not want to negotiate; they have not sat down at the negotiating table all throughout the summer. Barcelona have had to start looking somewhere else and [Jean Michel] Seri of Nice is somebody they want to put their money on, and of course [Ousmane] Dembele. If they go for both of those, they won’t have the money for anyone else anyway.”