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Goals and tears. France 2-1 Romania. Review

EURO-2016 KICKED OFF!!! Started the competition with an awesome match. Traditionally, the hosts were to start the competition, and they faced Romania for the opener. The game turned out to be very intense… it included awesome goals, a penalty… and tears. But let’s go one by one.


The first half started in a very strenuous note. Romania took the initiative, having two almost-realized corners at the beginning of the game. Firstly Grigore shot from an around two meters distance, but hit Lloris, and then Andone was keen to free himself from the defenders and try to realize a header in the farthest corner. After these hazardous situations, it took around 15 minutes for France to find their place on pitch and take the initiative. Romania seated deep in defense waiting for their chance. France started attacking… Griezmann hit the bar after Sagna’s pass from the wing, then Giroud and Pogba missed a couple of chances to go one on one with Tatarusanu. The half ended with another missed chance by Griezmann after Dimitri Payet’s awesome opening and pass from the right wing.


The second half started in the same trend as the first one ended. France took the initiative. Payet received the ball in the central part of the field, made an awesome opening and a through pass to Olivier Giroud around penalty spot. The latter moved to left and shot with his left foot. It was a central shot, right on the goalkeeper: Tatarusanu took over it easily. Next, freeing himself from the defenders, Payet centred the ball to Pogba. The keeper saved again. Still, he has done a major mistake. Trying to catch Giroud in an offside, Romania defenders left him alone with Tatarusanu after Payet bend the ball from the right. The keeper did not choose the right position while leaving the goal… So, GIROUD SCORED HIS HEADER, OPENING THE COUNT FOR EURO-2016 GOALS!!!


However, it did not take long for Romania, to return into the game. Patrice Evra fouled on Stanciu inside the penalty box. The latter received the ball and was trying to keep it. The ball is on the spot. Stancu takes his run, makes a right foot shot to the right corner. Lloris is fully disoriented, he does not even jump. EURO-2016’s FIRST PENALTY IS REALIZED. 1-1, the clash continues. After this Romanians tried to close the game down, and they were rather successful, until the 89th minute, when Payet shined again. Receiving the ball not far from the penalty box a bit to the right, and being surrounded by 3 defenders (one may argue there were 4 of them), he noticed the goalkeeper come out and shot… The ball found his way to the farther upper corner of the goal!… 2-1!!! Here you can see EURO-2016’s FIRST LONG DISTANCE AWESOME GOAL. On the minute 90+2, Payet gets substituted shedding EURO-2016’s FIRST TEARS OF JOY.


Do you really need me to name the Man of the Match?

Finally, some match statistics  

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