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Fin de ciclo. Spain go home as Euro dream evaporates /Report/

fin de ciclo Spain leaves Euro

After winning two consecutive European championships, Spain dreamed of another Euro triumph in France. Vicente Del Bosque kept the main basis of the team, that won last Euro and World Cup in 2010. And as it turned out, it may have been his biggest mistake. Everyone in the world already knows how Spain has play, how they play now and how they will play in future, if nothing extraordinary happens. And so did Antonio Conte, who has selected such a formation and tactics, that the Spanish side was taken aback by them.

del bosque ita esp

We can now state, that an cycle has ended in Spain national team, an era full of victories, joy and happiness, but also disappointments and harsh defeats. This is football, and sometimes you can win three major competitions without even noticing your opponents, and sometimes you will be kicked out in the most painful way. Del Bosque tried to rehabilitate after shameful relegation in WC 2014, where they didn’t even qualify for the play-offs. It seemed, he had everything in his hands to make another Spanish miracle come true: good squad, high quality players, loyal fans. Nevertheless, it turned out to be not enough for defeating Italy.

Italy, by their side, didn’t make any mistake throughout the match. Despite having some chances, Spain players didn’t manage to beat Gianluigi Buffon, who reminded us of his best years. He played like a 20-year-old young boy, who is full of energy and desire to show himself to the crowd. And his inspiration passed to his teammates, who were better then their opponents again and again.


Giorgio Chiellini opened the scoring in a very symbolic way, as after Eder’s free kick shot all Spain players were confused and didn’t know what to do, while the Juventus man was the fastest to sent the rebounded ball into the net. In the final minutes of the match Pelle marked his name on the scoresheet, too.

Even David de Gea, who has been incredible during all the tournament, couldn’t stop numerous attacks on his goal. He saved once, saved the second time, but he isn’t a robot and cannot secure his goals after every defensive mistake.

Now Del Bosque has to leave, his time in national team is up, it’s time to make changes, to say goodbye to some players, who are living legends, for sure, but have already lived their best days in the national team. It’s time for the youth to take the responsibility and try to create another Spanish giant, which will become unstoppable again.


Fin de ciclo, fin de era!!!

Gevorg Loretsyan