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Ferdinand and Gerrard critisize Barcelona players


BT Sport experts Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard poured rough criticism on Barcelona players after Juventus defeat (3-0) in UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

“There’s a lot of players there that you think to yourself they couldn’t have got in the Barcelona team three years ago – too many names to mention,” former Manchester United centre-back told during BT Sport live.

“There are five or six in this team who shouldn’t even be putting on the shirt.

“The way that they played – the intensity, the quality. They’re not on the same planet and these are the players who have really got to feed the front three and are not getting the ball to them quick enough.

“And defensively they don’t look like they’ve got any individuals in there who want to defend. Collectively they’re not doing it. This team don’t press like the Barcelona team did under Pep Guardiola. These guys look like they don’t have any idea or desire to want to press,” Ferdinand finalized.

Former Liverpool midfielder agreed with Rio Ferdinand on the point that some of Barcelona players are not capable of showing the level of football the team is expected to show.

“I think they’re carrying players in important areas. In the full-back positions they’re carrying players. I’m not sure on Umtiti, I’m still not convinced by the goalkeeper. They’re relying on the front three to get them out of trouble all the time.”

However, former captain is sure Barcelona front three are still capable of giving hope for the team’s fans.

“I think any other team on the planet are dead and buried in this tie. You’ve just got that little bit of hope for Barcelona because of the front three,” the Englishman concluded.