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Famous Poker stars superstitions


Poker stars are known for their self-control and mathematical way of thinking, however, they also may have some superstitions. PokerPlayer has made a chart of habits of well-known players, which throughout time turned into a real ritual.


Johnny Chan’s orange

The ten-time winner of WSOP bracelet carries an orange in his hand around poker tables in order to combat smoky rooms. The now famous orange became Chan’s all-time companion in poker.


Scotty Nguyen’s “Michelob Ultra”

Legends are told in Vegas about his attitude towards alcohol. The beer bottle became an inseparable part of the American champion’s hand. Light “Michelob Ultra” is Scotty’s most favorite beverage.


Daniel Negreanu and “Rocky”

Daniel Negreanu gets pumped up for every WSOP event by hiding in his trailer and watching “Rocky” movies – all five of them. This habit tunes up the Canadian player for the Main Event.


Dario Minieri and his Roma necklace

The young poker player is a fun of the Italian A.S. Roma and the team name necklace always accompanies him in poker tournaments.


Vladimir Geshkenbein’s monkey

Vladimir places his little lucky monkey toy on poker chips in order attract fortune.