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Enrique: Fans are p*ssed off and it’s normal

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique asked the fans to support the players ahead of the final games of the season, including UCL quarterfinals second-leg against Juventus.

“It’s obvious that I’m most responsible,” Enrique told his press conference ahead of the Saturday home clash against Real Sociedad.

“It’s my mistake. I get angry when objectives are not achieved. The maximum responsibility for each defeat always lies with the coach.

“It’s normal for the fans to be p***** off. The idea is that we have to win.

“I know it’ll be a delicate moment for the players. I want them to encourage all the players,” the manager finalized.

Barcelona has lost two consecutive games, including the La Liga match against Malaga (2-0) and UCL first-leg quarterfinal against Juventus (3-0). The team failed to score in both of the clashes.