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England to face Armenia. How is it possible?

armenia vs england in mixed football

England national team will face Lithuania in World Cup 2018 qualifiers on March 26, and on the same day, at the same time they will face Armenia. How is it possible, you might ask. Everything is very simple. VBet’s Mixed Football gives the football fans the opportunity to enjoy this clash off the pitch.

While England face Lithuania and Armenia play Kazakhstan, Mixed football is counting their goals. The team that will score more in their own game will win the Mixed Football match sight unseen. To be more precise, if England scores two goals, while Armenia is netting only once, England will win the Mixed Football clash on our website.

Important to note, it is not at all significant whether the team won their real clash or not: the only thing that matters are the goals scored.

VBet makes the unreal seem real. We take bets for Armenia vs England clash in Mixed Football section. You can click here, and make your own special bet.