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Dirk Kuyt reveals a shock story from his Liverpool days


The Dutchman revealed how Peter Crouch nearly ended his Champions League dream.

Rafa Benitez decided to take his team go-karting before Liverpool’s Champions League final with AC Milan in 2007. Dirk Kuyt decided to play it safe and found a good spot to watch the race, as his hand was injured. But safety is not guaranteed when you have an out-of-control Peter Crouch driving in your direction unable to stop.

The Former Liverpool striker had a blackout while driving and ended up crashing into some cardboard boxes

Kuyt said: “When we were in the training camp before the final, the squad went go-karting I didn’t join in as I wanted to rest a small injury, but I went along to watch and picked a safe-looking spot to stand beside the track with Rafa.Out of nowhere, Peter Crouch drove straight at me at roughly 35mph. He couldn’t brake!The only thing I could do was jump in the air and in the end he crashed into cardboard boxes behind me.I was within a whisker of having my ankles torn to pieces and would surely have missed the Champons League final.”