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Dan Bilzerian is at the center of a scandal again

Den Bilzerian

This time all the mass is about remarks made about female poker players. Before the hands-up with Michael Dentale, Cate Hall wrote on Twitter:

– Friend: “Why are so many people interested in that game?”
– Me: “Because there is no one who would like to see one of us lose.”

Dan Bilzerian responded to these words:
– “I don’t even know who you’re playing with, but I want to bet against you because you are a woman and women can’t play poker.”

Cate responded very calmly:
– “Someone tells Dan his account has been hacked, he’d never tweet something so derogatory toward women.”

Alexandre Dreyfuss, on the other hand, advised Bilzerian to prove his superiority over women:

“Instead of betting against a woman, play against her. Then we will see who is a real poker player.”