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Chinese spendings to benefit the football world

Chinese money

For the second January in a row, the Chinese clubs are the main newsmakers of the transfer market. In January 2015 the Chinese clubs spent more money on transfers than EPL clubs. This year, with the help of large sums of money the Chinese managed “to steal” Oscar from Chelsea, in addition, Witsel was taken from Juventus and Teves became the world’s highest-paid footballer arriving from Boca Juniors. Meanwhile, European clubs are in tension because of the Chinese, the ordinary people should be glad about this situation, and here’s why:

  1. They will heal the world football

When we were not born and there was no network yet, the cunning Europeans invaded some South American plantations, took everything they needed, trampled everything and returned to the Old continent. Then we were born, the network appeared, and we saw the greatness and the glory of the European football as if it was for all this time. But, as in the old days, now Europeans feed the football with their own huge investments, that can’t be found in South America. But why are we nervous when today China goes through the same path?

Since 2000, money began to dominate the European football and there were transfers that cost a huge amount of money. In 2016 there was a new transfer record of 120 million euros for a player, who brought another -2 points to his team a few days ago. Nevertheless, before that, it was clear that the quality of football and footballers could not equate with those enormous sums of money. History, values, style, philosophy and many other things that are the essential parts of the football appeared on the second plan. Money has pushed the European football into total chaos. It is like an aircraft without any control that sooner or later will crash. It only remains to understand where exactly…

China takes risks and appears under the target. This is a sort of cold shower for the European football managers because it will be very difficult to achieve results only with money, as there is someone who will offer money than they do. In order to lure the best players the clubs currently should make more efforts and not only use the money. In the light of the current situation, club history, traditions, principles will get on the top once again. The financial bubble will burst in China, but they have enough money to keep the consequences under control.

Also, the Chinese money will also “clean” from Europe all the players whose biggest goal in sports is to earn money.

  1. They have good intentions

All the things that the Chinese implement today in the transfer market make up only the top of the iceberg. Underneath there is a huge plan, where China is going to be the strongest football country in Asia by 2050 to host the World Cup and win it.

The specialists, who are interested in the Chinese football, say that behind this “boom” stands Xi Jinping, the President of the Communist Party. He is a huge football fan who even has a well-known photo with Sergio Aguero. A few years ago, a giant project on the development of football in 50 steps was designed in China. But in 2016 a shorter and more realistic plan was presented. They will try to develop football starting from the school and even include it in the secondary schools’ mandatory program. There will be built 20.000 small stadiums next to schools.

By 2025 it is planned to have 50.000 schools specialized in football. It is also planned to increase the number of Chinese involved in football to 50 million, 30 of which will be school-aged. One of 200 000 people should be a high-class football player so as to ensure that 25% of professional players in the world are Chinese.

Attracting top players to China with large sums of money is only the first step in the project that aims to increase interest in football in the country, in other words, to make the mechanism, mentioned above, work. But we should not think that they are going to crash: in China, there is a limit on foreign players and for the next 7-10 years the Chinese clubs will continue to hold 3-5 football stars, and at that time the first generation of Chinese players will grow and see such stars in their country as Hulk, Tevez and others. In 2025 the Chinese will end the first step of the football reform and probably 24 years later will prepare for the World Cup.

China takes great efforts to make the number one game popular in a 1 billion country and this cannot be good news for the world of football. Thanks to their organized nature, the Chinese have succeeded in almost all individual sports, and now they are already “invading” the football stadiums. It will be very interesting to see how this game ends.