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Chinese investors take over AC Milan

milan chinese investors arrived

Chinese investors have already took over AC Milan, as the new owner Yonghongh Li and former major shareholder Sivio Berlusconi finalize the deal.

“For all lovers of Milan, today is an important day: Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux have completed the purchase of the shares in Milan,” Yonghong Li told the reporters.

“This glorious club now begins a new chapter: the success of this transaction has been possible thanks to the love of Milan fans, but especially thanks to [Silvio] Berlusconi and Fininvest for the confidence placed in us. Milan are a top club worldwide, with 118 years of glorious history. In the last 30 years Milan have achieved passionate successes: eight league titles, five European Cups and seven Italian Super Cups.

“All the stars that were once at this club together with its successes mean that every fan expects the return of the club to the top of Europe.

“This means that behind us we have a great responsibility, as well as the expectations of Milan as a club,” the new president finalized.

Silvio Berlusconi had been the owner of Milan side since 1986. Today he left the position at the age of 80.