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Chilean protest on anti-Arsenal Alexis Sanchez flopped dramatically

Alexis Sanchez

A pig march was set to take place to protest Arsenal, but few people actually turned up for the event.


having more than 14.000 confirmations on facebook, the protest consisted of just 5 people.

Convocatoria a la marcha para que Alexis Sánchez se vaya del Arsenal: 5 personas ?

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“We, as Chileans, are tired of watching one of our biggest stars play on his own,” a statement on the group’s Facebook page read.

“We don’t want him to play at Real Madrid, nor go back to Barcelona, we don’t give a f*ck where he plays, we just want him to fight along with other 10 players to get the results.

“He doesn’t deserve to be alone.”

Initially, that event on social media was a joke, but it gained massive attention from media outlets all over the world.

“It was a joke, since the first day, and it’s clear for all,” the organiser wrote. “But we never thought that media from 17 countries would cover this thing (…) so it’s simple: we’ll stop this joke today”