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Chicharito urges to get over loss quickly

Mexico national team striker Javier Hernandez, better known as Chicharito, commented on the FIFA Confederations Cup semifinals against Germany (4-1). The team lost both on the board and by the game failing to book a place in the final.

“We still have the opportunity of winning the third place,” Chicharito told the reporters after the match.

“But we will need to play against European Championship winners [Portugal], so we need to be very responsible.

“We lost this match, we are very disappointed. We will start the day tomorrow thinking how we can improve.

javier hernandez on germany

“Sometimes you might win, but tomorrow is another match. We do not [emotionally] stay in the win for too long, we get over it and start again. We need to do the same in the case of loss,” the Bayer Leverkusen forward concluded.