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Chelsea beat West Ham in London derby to restore a 10-point lead


The goals from Eden Hazard and Diego Costa helped the Blues to get valuable 3 points for the title race.

Slaven Bilic put up a tough team of players at Wembley on Monday, and things looked bright for the home team, as they defended well, until a sudden Chelsea counter attack led by Hazard and Pedro resulted a goal and put the table-toppers in front.
Diego Costa doubled his side’s advantage early in the second half. The Hammers brought one back in stoppage time thanks to Manuel Lanzini.

“They deserved to beat us. It’s very simple,” Bilic said. “If you want to beat Chelsea then you have to hope for their mistakes and use them. If it’s the other way around and you make mistakes, they use them straight away and it’s very hard. I’m disappointed.”, said Slaven Bilic.