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Champions League. Who’s out, who will still fight?

It's a Champions League day again and the last round of the group stage begins today.

It’s a Champions League day again and the last round of the group stage begins today. Some clubs have already booked their places in the play-offs and some others will fight till the last moment for a chance to play in the round of 16. Moreover, there will be a harsh competition for Europe League places, too. So we tell, who’s out, who has everything secured and who will still fight for the right to live.

Arsenal vs PSG

Group A

  • Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal have equal points (11) and top the group with the French side being the first thanks to a 2-2 draw at the Emirates stadium. They will meet Ludogorets and Basel respectively. If both of them record the same outcome, PSG will qualify from the first place.
  • Ludogorets and Basel will fight for the third place. They both have 2 points. The first match between these clubs ended with a 1-1 draw. Ludogorets will qualify for Europe league only in case of victory or a 0-0 draw. All other outcomes guarantee a place for Basel in the Europe league playoffs.

Napoli Benfica

Group B

  • The most unpredictable group. Three clubs are chasing the first place with neither of them being safe. Benfica and Napoli have 8 points both, though they meet each other today. Besiktas have 7 points and travel to Kyiv to face Dynamo. The latter has already lost all the chances to keep on playing in Europe.
  • Benfica are now top of the group as they are the team with a higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question. The winner of Benfica – Napoli match will go through from the first place. If Besiktas lose to the already eliminated Ukrainian side, both Benfica and Napoli will qualify regardless of the result of their match.
  • In case of a draw in Benfica – Napoli match, the Italian side will qualify since the first leg match ended with a 4-2 victory for Maruricio Sarri’s men, given that Besiktas win.
  • If Beşiktaş draw they will only progress if Napoli lose to Benfica.


Group C

  • A group where everything is already known. Barcelona top the group with 12 points being ahead of Manchester City which have 8 points in stock.
  • Borussia Monchengladbach are the third with 5 points, while Celtic are fourth having won only two points. The Scot side cannot fight for the third place since they have lost once and drawn once against Borussia.

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Group D

  • The first two places are already occupied. Atletico Madrid have managed to win all 5 group stage matches and will top the group regardless of the result in the upcoming clash against Bayern Munich.
  • PSV and Rostov will fight for the third place to receive a right to play in Europe league. PSV proceed if and only if they beat the Russian side in a home game. All other results guarantee a promotion to Rostov.


Gevorg Loretsyan