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BREAKING: Napoli lawyers confirm Sarri will sign contract with Chelsea

Napoli’s lawyer have confirmed Maurizio Sarri will soon sign contract with Chelsea.

” Sarri-Chelsea? Yes well there was a meeting in Aurelio De Laurentiis offices in Rome but Sarri wasn’t present. We talked about a deal and we exchanged some ideas with the English club and Sarri’s lawyers. It is surely a very complicated deal that’s for sure. Why? Well because there are so many different clauses that De Laurentiis is looking at. Let’s see, De Laurentiis wants to protect Napoli. Deal in place? Well talks are ongoing and everything should be concluded before the end of the week. Even so, it’ still a work in progress, we have to be patient”. Mattia Grassani told Radio CRC (via Calciomercato).

Sarri will replace Antonio Conte, the latest to leave London after 2 years and 2 trophies.

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