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BREAKING: Didier Drogba hints at a return to France

Drogba to Marseille

Chelsea’s legendary striker is likely to resume his career in France after a spell in MLS.

The 38-year-old is currently a free agent having left Montreal Impact last summer. The Ivorian has always admired his French club where he scored 32 goals before joining The Blues in 2004.

Speaking to French channel Canal+ the Champions League winner said: “There is an option to return to France, but I will no say more. I hope to be able to hold my promise one day (to return to Marseille), it can be done. You just have to take the time to sit down and talk.”

“My comeback at Marseille is the eternal question for more than 12 years now. Every time I respond, and people say I’m just talking. But you let a player go, and financially he is making a good living since then, and now you want him to come back and divide his salary in two?

“And after that, you say he doesn’t like Marseille. Who works to earn less? No one. I would like to come back as a player. I even did what was necessary to make it happen. But I can’t force the board to bring me back.”

Drogba went on: “I want to play. I still have my legs and I’m still like a kid with the ball. My knee got a bit annoyed (last season) but I feel good.”