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Brazil surpasses Germany in FIFA men’s ranking

Brazil surpasses Germany in FIFA men's ranking

Many changes have taken place in  FIFA World Ranking thanks to the 63 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualification matches played, and also to 71 other qualifiers and international friendlies that took place over the past few weeks.

Argentina continue to lead the ranking with a significant amount of total points (1634), while Brazil are pushing hard to reach them and challenge the title of the best team of the year. They have surpassed Germany in the ranking and occupied the second place.

Chile have had an improvement, too. They are the fourth now ahead of Belgium and Colombia. France, Portugal, Uruguay and Spain remain at their positions.

The biggest movements, however, happened outside of the TOP50. Israel scored the most points (145) and are 54th now, while Armenia have made the biggest move (38 ranks, from 125 to 87).

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