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Borussia Dortmund fan group threaten club president

Borussia Dortmund fan organization 0123 Riot are threatening the club’s president Hanz-Joachim Watzke after his criticism towards the group.

A picture of graffiti message has spread all over social. The threat message reads: “Watzke, your dream will soon be over and you will find yourself in a car trunk.”

Important to note, that 0123 Riot are not the official fan group of the team and have been noticed to show aggressive attitude during the matches. One of the recent incidents was the stone bombarding of Leipzig fans early in February. It has been reported that there were women and children among the victims.

Watzke commented on this matter, claiming that those are not their “real fans” and that such an attitude “is damaging the club’s reputation.”

German police got the situation under its control.