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Bonus tournament for Khachapuri Backgammon

Players who during the course of a week play 200 games with stakes above 0 and players who have bet at least 500 C during the week, will have a chance to participate in the Bonus tournament every Saturday at 19:00.

The tournament will be organized as а single-elimination competition without rebuys. The prize pool will depend on the number of the players.

8 – 16 players – 200 C
16 – 32 players – 300 C
32 – 64 players – 400 C
64 players and above – 500 C

The Bonus Khachapuri tournament table will be updated every Friday. Results will be summarized every Friday before 16:00.

The promo is starting on 22.01.2016 at 16:00.

The first tournament will be held on 30.01.2016.