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Betting company goes against Olympic injustice

Rio 2016 is full of scandals: doping, robbery in the Olympic village, ticket machinations and now also referee’s partial treatment. During the men’s 66 kg Greeco-Roman wrestling competition final the fans could recognize some referee mistakes, which has become a big tool in one of the wrestlers’ hands.

Serbian Davor Stefanek and Armenia’s Migran Arutyunyan were revealing the Olympic champion. The bout finished with a score 1-1, with the Serbian claiming the Olympic gold only due to the point earned last. The point he earned was given by the referees, as they took a technical point from Arutyunyan. Moreover, the judge placed the Armenian in the par terre position several times, which, according to him was not deserved. Leaving the analytics to the wrestling experts, one thing was clear: Davor Stefanek’s won bout was a big controversy. Migran Arutyunyan received the applause after the bout, while the Serbian was booed. Some said the partial treatment was due to fact that the IOC representative for the match was from Serbia, but that would be a serious accusation. The fact was that Davor Stefanek ended up biting the gold medal, while Arutyunyan was sheering tears of injustice feeling, having the Silver medal hang down his neck.

However, the Armenians refuse to accept the loss, believing that Arutyunyan is the true champion. One of the leading Armenian bookmakers VivaroBet also took the nation’s side: all the bets made for Arutyunyan’s final victory were considered as winning bets. Interesting, isn’t it? The betting company took the side for justice as they feel it and took their turn to praise the wrestler, despite the financial inefficiency of such a decision.

It is yet unknown if such a gesture is something new in betting industry or this is a common practice. However, one thing is real: the betting company alongside with the whole nation found a very creative and unique way to fight injustice (according to them) at the Olympic Games.