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Barcelona sixth goal caused earthquake

Barcelona defender Sergi Roberto’s winner against PSG (6-1) caused an earthquake in the city, the Haume Almera Institute of Earth Sciences (ICTJA-CSIC) informed.

barca goal caused earthquake

ICTJA-CSIC is located around 500 yards away from Barcelona home stadium Camp Nou. Talking about the small earthquake, which reached one on Ritcher scale, a researcher Jordi Diaz explained:

“As the end of the game approached, everything changed. With the sixth goal, there is the greatest earthquake of its type recorded at ICTJA-CSIC,” Diaz told Marca.

Let’s recall that Barcelona won at Camp Nou 6-1 in Champions League round of 16 second-leg. They lost the first-leg in Paris (4-0), which makes the sixth goal the tie winner.