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Bad Beat Guard

Vbet Poker is offering a new type of tables called Bad Beat Guard (BBG). Their aim is to protect players from bad beats.

Table features: BBG is activated only when the victory odds for your hand reach 70% or higher.

Let us have a closer view.

1. Blind bets are made. Player 3 drops the cards, player 4 raises the bet to 90$ с A♦A♠.
2. Player5 drops the cards, player 1 (SB) drops, too. Player 2 (ВВ) answers с 6♠6♦.
3. A 7♥ K♦ J♣ flop is dealt (main bank is $190).
4. Player 2 raises $50, player 4 goes all-in from $310.
5. Player 2 answers (main bank is $810).
6. Victory odds appears for those who go all-in. Player 4’s chances to win are 91.62%, player 2 has 8.38%. BBG is activated since 91.62% is higher than 70%.