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Arsene Wenger: “Chelsea will struggle this coming season”

Wenger will be staying

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger says Chelsea will struggle this coming season.

“Last year Chelsea did not play in the European Cup and certainly they were a bit more consistent in the Premier League,” said Wenger.

“And overall in the final we have shown that the gap was not as high maybe. And we have to show that again on Sunday. After that, we made 75 points, which was basically four more than the year before, when we finished second in the league.

“So it looks like Chelsea has taken advantage of the fact that all the other teams were less consistent. I expect them to fight for the championship again. Will they make as many points? I don’t know. But they will fight certainly for the championship again.

“You could expect that some teams will be stronger as well, and take points from them as well.”