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Arbeloa: Once Mourinho called me Cafu 300 times

Former Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa shared a funny story from his cooperation with currently Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

“An anecdote? We played a game against Sevilla and we were winning in the first half,” Arbeloa told Marca.

“He called me Cafu eight times; “The team is fine, but we have Cafu there … ” he said over and over again.

arbeloa and mourinho

“I knew that I had played well and I decided not to work so hard in the second half but he called me Cafu 300 times in 10 minutes (laughs).

“It was his way of working and understanding football,” the 34-year-old concluded.

Alvaro Arbeloa and Jose Mourinho had worked together at Real Madrid between years 2010 and 2013.