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Alonso to race at Indy 500 missing Monaco Grand Prix


McLaren-Honda Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso will participate in Indianapolis 500, and as a result, miss the Monaco Grand Prix.

Indy 500 will take place on May 28th, which overlaps with Monaco Grand Prix. This will be the only Formula 1 competition of 2017 that Alonso will miss. Moreover, Indy 500 is the single 2017 IndyCar race the driver will not miss.

Fernando Alonso’s car engine will be a Honda 2.2-litre twin-turbo V6, limited by IndyCar regulations to 12,000rpm.

McLaren-Honda will soon announce the the driver that will be racing in Alonso’s Formula 1 car in Monaco Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso has won 32 Grand Prix races and has Formula 1 champion title in his active.