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5 Reasons why It’s time to go for Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

As the season slowly comes to an end Arsenal fans and players have less and less things to cheer about. Considering the picture in the Premier League title race The Gunners must battle not for the league title, but for the precious Champions League spot. Arsenal have been knocked out of the Champions League’s round of 16 once again proving that the club can not go toe to toe with other European giants at the moment. Once an unstoppable and invincible force, Arsenal have lost all those qualities and may be on the verge of a large crisis. A lot of opinions go against the legendary Arsenal manager.

Has Arsene Wenger lost the plot completely ?  Judging From the results of the team during the past years and the policy of the club Arsene Wenger has few things to offer for the club and vice versa. Of course blaming the manager for every problem the club has is wrong to say the least, however, a fresh mind is critically needed for the Arsenal management post. Here are 5 reasons why Arsene Wenger needs to step down at the end of this season and make way for a new manager.


 5 The Fans

Obviously, the vast majority of the Arsenal fan base has had enough with the Frenchman. Pre-match protests are becoming a common event in north London, with lots of fans expressing their anger regarding the manager, the board and the team. Definitely a big sign that something needs to change.



4 Trouble in the dressing room

The Gunners start every season relatively well and have a high place in the league in mid-season. However, Arsene Wenger’s men tend to botch the other half of the way. Season after season it has been repeated, but with the arrival of strong managers and players to the Premier League this season, it is harder than ever to compete in the league. After having two back-to-back 5-1 defeats from Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich it has become obvious that Arsene Wenger has trouble in the dressing room, especially with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean attacker was caught laughing in the dugout when his team were losing 5-1 at home.


3 It will hardly get any better

The Upcoming season promises to be tense and tough as this big bag of talent determination and experience will shuffle once again to determine the best. If Arsenal lose its best players in the upcoming transfer window then Arsene Wenger will be left with a good squad, but not a great squad.And you can’t compete for gold if you just have a good squad. However, the departure of the 67-year-old specialist and a couple of new contracts for Ozil and Sanchez may save the situation for Arsenal.



2. Keep the Legacy

The FA Cup can be a salvation for struggling Arsenal. The tie with non-league Lincoln City gives a big opportunity for The Gunners to reach semi-finals and maybe win the competition. This accomplishment will be the positive note on which the Legendary manager could leave the club, and both sides will be satisfied. After all despite all criticism, Arsenal supporters have big respect and love for their legendary manager who gave them so many delightful memories.


1. Out of Ideas

The main reason why Arsene Wenger has nothing else to add to the north London club. Arsene’s philosophy was effective in the beginning of the century, but with big money spenders approaching top league teams year after year,the Frenchman just cant compete with the others.The results for the past 10+ years have shown that neither the tactics Wenger uses nor the players he and the board pick are good enough as a whole to reach top success.
Perhaps a fresh start for both the club and manager would be the solution for both parties.