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11 WEIRD sports from around the world

11 weirdest sports

Sports have been one of the most loved pastimes for centuries.There are many types of weird sports in our world. People started creating competitions that are unique to their culture. The sports we all know and love are spread around the world gather masses of people for each event. These sports have turned into billion dollar industries and got commercialised rapidly. But this Earth still witnesses unique types of sports from many cultures around the world. Some of them are rather old, some are just inexplainable.



Kabaddi is a contact sport. It is very popular in Asia, especially in India, Japan, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Each team has a raider who runs to the opposition’s half of the field to tag one of the opposing players and return. And all that while holding the breath. If the raider tags a player and then escapes to his half of the field the opposite team loses a player. If the raider fails to tag the opposite player his team won’t score a point.



Sepak katraw is very similar to volleyball, Except the players can pass around the ball using anything but their arms. And the ball is not an ordinary ball. It is made from dried palm leaves.


Face slapping

This one is not for everybody. Face slapping is a tough competition. Rules are simple.Two people slap each other on the cheek until one of them loses their feet and falls.



Cheese Rolling is an annual competition held in Gloucestershire, U.K.
A large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill.


The competitors race after it. the first person to reach the bottom of the hill wins the cheese. It mays sound simple, but the steepness of the hill causes the competitors to gain pace which results injuries.

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