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10 interesting facts about poker

1. Out of the fifty-two cards of the regular card deck, you can collect 2598960 poker hand combinations.

2. The number of cards (52 cards) corresponds to the number of weeks in a year. 4 suits (diamonds, clubs, spades, hearts) correspond to the 4 seasons of the year. Thirteen cards in each suit represent the thirteen lunar cycles per year. If you add all the values of the cards in the deck, you will get 364 (365 with a joker).

3. Psychologists say that well-chosen music can be a great stimulant for playing poker.

4. At one time, the king was the most senior card in the deck, and the ace was the smallest.

5. Hand combination AA88 is nicknamed “the dead man’s hand”. This name came after Hickok was shot in head while holding these cards in his hands. The fifth card is still remains unknown.

6. It is considered bad luck if there is a dog in the room where poker is played. If you play in dirty clothes, this is considered to be a good luck.

7. The name “poker” derives from the following words: from French “Poque”, German “Pochen” and English “Brag”.

8. Initially, there was only one round of betting in poker.

9. A variant of poker called Badugi was named after the Korean spotted breed of dogs.

10. A hand with J7 cards was nicknamed “Jack Daniels” in honor of the whiskey with the same name.